About the ShockWave (ESWT) System

Radial Shockwave Machine - A New Generation of Healing

The radial shockwave machine’s system features a touch screen and two quick set knobs that allow you to fast tune the acoustic wave therapy frequency and energy. Accurate energy settings mean precise protocols for better outcomes. The energy settings range from 10mJ to 190mJ, at 10mJ intervals for accurate increments of treatment to be distributed, and the frequency ranges from 1Hz to 22Hz, at 1Hz increments, can be adjusted while in operation to better serve the patient. Integrated thermostatically controlled hand-piece fans help keep the unit cool while in operation. Each handpiece is warranted for 2 million pulses however, with proper maintenance you should attain double that. It comes with five different heads depending on indication being treated.

The very first choice in dealing with subacute, subchronic, and chronic pain is shock wave devices which provide the best solutions to patients. Shock wave devices are the multidisciplinary device used in physiotherapy, sports, and medicines. Shockwave Smartwave machines are widely used because of their lightweight, easy-to-move, and packaging.

Pulse-Wave® is easy to use, with amazing results and improves patient’s quality of life.

Additionally, the system includes five rich transmitters made with high-grade alloy, a dual-channel output for hand-pieces and 45 treatment protocols built into the system with customization settings and comprehensive instructions that any user can easily master. The software that helps run the system allows you to change shot numbers during a procedure and shift channel parameter, three burst modes, and profile management that keeps track of your patients based on the information they provide you. If a patient’s condition leaves their pain threshold in a vulnerable state, pre-set parameters are adjustable to fit the patient’s feedback.

Shockwave Smartwave machines use acoustic waves to treat various musculoskeletal problems, including physiotherapy pain relief, sports injury, and treatment of Erectile Dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease. Smartwave shock wave therapy is one of the best long-term treatments which treats the root cause of the problem through sound waves. It is safe and helps in ease of chronic inflammations, reducing pain; due to its highly efficient results, it is used in treating resistant or non-responsive orthopedic injuries.

Radial Shockwave Machine with Five Rich Transmitters

For new operators, a step by step wizard is available and is easy to use.

For experienced operators, fast mode is provided to begin treatment menu immediately.

  • Customized settings – Save your own settings and rename them
  • Wizard style menus – new or experienced operator can easily master.
  • Recommended parameters – System will guide user to set the correct protocols.
  • Target shot counter can be revised at any time – Increase or decrease shot numbers at any time during treatment.
  • Customer profile management – Track each patients’ information by name, age, etc., accumulated treatment history and protocols used
  • Vivid pictures – show possible trigger points
  • Standard Protocols– 45 Built-in treatment protocols
  • Burst mode supported – 3 Burst modes and continuous mode.
  • 2 isolated channel interface – Change parameter for each channel
  • Customized settings – Save your own settings and rename them

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